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Wedding Jewelry
Whether you are one of those women who dreamed of getting married their wholes lives or are surprised you are actually going through with it, you are going to need some wedding jewelry. Out of everything you buy for this once in a lifetime event the only keepsakes that will not end up in a trunk for 30 years or in the trash will be your jewelry.

In many cases the groom may have bought a wedding ring set that came with your engagement ring. However if all he got when he proposes was the engagement ring itself, then you both have some shopping to do. [...]

The Importance Of Displaying Your Jewelry Effectively
Most products that are on the market have the luxury of using the packaging to help with the sales pitch. Having a great product is nice, but a lot of times it is not the actual product that makes the sale, it is the packaging that shows off the product and tells all of the prospective buyers about the features that it has. Unfortunately, if you are in the jewelry business, you do not have the luxury of using the packaging to help sell your product because there is not much packaging. [...]

Making the Right Purchase of Diamonds
Diamonds are the hardest compounds known on earth. They are known not only for their hardness and density but for exquisite brilliance and this property makes it the most precious stones used for jewelry. Diamonds are the allotropes of carbon and are extracted from the earth’s surface. During extraction they are dark black in color and they are subjected to the systematic process of cutting, drilling, grinding and polishing to make them exquisitely brilliant to be used as gemstones in jewelry. Only one fourth of all diamonds extracted from the surface [...]

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