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Making the Right Purchase of Diamonds

Diamonds are the hardest compounds known on earth. They are known not only for their hardness and density but for exquisite brilliance and this property makes it the most precious stones used for jewelry. Diamonds are the allotropes of carbon and are extracted from the earthís surface. During extraction they are dark black in color and they are subjected to the systematic process of cutting, drilling, grinding and polishing to make them exquisitely brilliant to be used as gemstones in jewelry. Only one fourth of all diamonds extracted from the surface are used as gemstones and very few of them qualify to be called as utmost precious gemstone. The value of Diamanten is determined by its purity, color, clarity and cut. The qualities which make diamonds meet the set criteria ofprecious stones are appropriate shape, high purity, adequate size, hardness, color dispersion, brilliance and rarity.

Diamanten Ankauf is a very serious business and before purchasing diamond one must be thoroughly aware of all the essential parameters or requisite qualities which determine the value and quality of diamond. Now with the help of online shopping one can buy loose diamonds, or diamond earrings, and other diamond jewelry easily. Buying diamonds online however requires that the buyer take adequate precautionary measures such as insisting on getting the certificates indicating the authenticity of the seller and indicating the cut, color, clarity grade and the weight of your diamond. Before Diamanten Ankauf the buyer can go through the tips and suggestions from online diamond-buying guide. Some sites provide sections to guide their visitors on how to identify, or quality test for diamonds. The buyers may also prefer to check out sections on fake diamonds and blood diamonds as well.

Although diamond engagement rings come in many traditional and contemporary setting variations but generally speaking there are six diamond shapes: round brilliant-cut, marquise, emerald-cut, pear-shaped, oval and heart-shaped. The presence of color makes a diamond less rare and valuable. Some diamonds come out of the ground in vivid fancy colors. These fancy colored Diamanten includes red, blue, pink, green, and bright yellow diamonds which make these as highly prized and extremely rare.

Before making a diamond purchase one must know the 4 Cís about buying diamond; first weight in carats, diamond clarity, color and diamond cut. Other advanced characteristics of diamonds include diamond fluorescence and diamond enhancements. In order to ensure that you are not cheated and you get maximum returns on your investment you must understand all the diamond properties are and what to ask when purchasing a diamond. The knowledge and proper information will help you in making the right purchases with proper returns.

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