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The Importance Of Displaying Your Jewelry Effectively

Most products that are on the market have the luxury of using the packaging to help with the sales pitch. Having a great product is nice, but a lot of times it is not the actual product that makes the sale, it is the packaging that shows off the product and tells all of the prospective buyers about the features that it has. Unfortunately, if you are in the jewelry business, you do not have the luxury of using the packaging to help sell your product because there is not much packaging. If this is what you are trying to sell, jewelry displays are the next best thing that you can get. Having great jewelry display supplies can do a lot to highlight the beautiful pieces that you have that will make it more likely that potential customers will pick them up and think about buying them.

The specific type of display that you use will depend upon the type of jewelry you are trying to sell and the statement you are trying to make. There are many different kinds of displays that you can get. The very simply ones are like a cardboard easel that will allow you to showcase some of your best necklaces. You can also get individual jewelry boxes. The right kind of display for your jewelry can be the difference between making sales and getting completely passed over.

There was once a man who was selling jewelry at a flea market. If you looked at his jewelry, you would see that it was actually very nice. However, he did not make any sales at all. In fact, most people did not even stop to look at his pieces. Then someone told him that the way he was displaying his jewelry was causing him a problem. He had it all laid out on what he considered to be a very nice black tablecloth. He then laid out all of his jewelry pieces on the tablecloth. What he did not realize was that the tablecloths made his jewelry look cheap, which is why nobody looked at it. He was finally convinced to change the way he displayed the jewelry that he was selling. Instead of the black tablecloth, he put each piece in individual, opened jewelry boxes. He also added a black easel display for his necklaces. His initial reaction was that this would be too expensive to purchase all of the jewelry boxes and he did not think this would make much of a difference for him.

Making those small changes doubled his sales almost instantly. That amount even includes the higher price that he charged for the jewelry because of the added expense of the boxes. Not only was he making more money, but he was making more on each sale because he was able to increase the price.

The final packaging of the jewelry is not as important as it is in other types of products. However, the way that you display your jewelry could be the difference between a successful business and one that has to fold.

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