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Wedding Jewelry

Whether you are one of those women who dreamed of getting married their wholes lives or are surprised you are actually going through with it, you are going to need some wedding jewelry. Out of everything you buy for this once in a lifetime event the only keepsakes that will not end up in a trunk for 30 years or in the trash will be your jewelry.

In many cases the groom may have bought a wedding ring set that came with your engagement ring. However if all he got when he proposes was the engagement ring itself, then you both have some shopping to do. You will both need a wedding ring and that will take some decision making. Traditionally they would match, but more couples are choosing to have their wedding jewelry match their distinct personalities.

Your wedding jewelry is the only jewelry you will wear everyday for the rest of your life. For that reason alone it requires comparison shopping and a reflection of your relationship. Whether you both choose diamond jewelry or something more trendy like a birth stone, the rings should represent your love and commitment to one another.

Due to its hardness and ease of maintenance most people choose diamond jewelry. Diamonds are geologically fascinating. They are formed 120 miles beneath the surface of the earth and are the result of the crust crushing down on an ancient forest. The carbon from all those extinct living things is compressed with such force that it becomes the hardest substance on earth. Jewelry connoisseurs are lucky enough to have access to diamonds due to volcanic explosions that have pushed them upwards closer to the surface.

Choosing a stone besides a diamond will not just result in a lower price tag. Many precious and semiprecious stones scratch and chip very easily. This means that you will have to have them buffed down and replaced from time to time. As you can imagine, buffing a layer off of a gem will decrease its value since it is removing some of the stone. Chips and nicks are sure to happen with an engagement and wedding ring, which receive more wear than any other piece of jewelry you own.

Diamond jewelry is always a sound investment regardless of market conditions. It always becomes a family heirloom and brings with it the memory of your special day. Choose wisely and have fun shopping!

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