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Indian Jewelry Design

Wednesday, July 4th, 2012

Jewelry is a topic that interests every woman of every age group. A woman may enjoy donning the most exquisite attire and perfect makeup but it seems incomplete without jewelry that blends with it. Indian jewelry designs give the perfect finish to every woman, making her look irresistible. There are different forms of jewelry design, each representative of a particular region. Let us discuss a few of the designs.

Fine filigree work is a popular where the design comprises entwined silver or gold threads. This is possible by delicate plaiting of the metal threads, then soldered to the underlying metal groundwork. Filigree designs are complex and require a lot of time and patience in execution. These are typical of Orissa and Andhra Pradesh.

Minakari design that is enamel work on gold is another popular jewelry design from Jaipur. It uses an interesting combination of pigments and precious stones arranged to glow when light falls on it. Each set has a distinct design and is quite expensive.

Delhi is world famous for Kundan design that has precious and semi-precious stones set in gold. This style draws inspiration form the Mughal School of art and comprises exquisite neckpieces and chokers.

Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, and Himachal Pradesh are renowned for a wide range of ethnic silver jewelry.

Gold jewelry from Assam has interesting designs depicting the orchids and local birds, the loka paro. Jewelry from Nagaland has distinct tribal influences in the form of human heads and beads in different combinations with gold.

Antique or oxidized jewelry has a huge market and is fashionable among the younger generation. It comprises silver ornaments in contemporary designs that are chic and affordable and one can buy them in varied styles. You can choose from a range of fusion jewelry available in interesting combinations like beads like rudraksh, glass, gold threads, and paper and flower jewelry.

Temple jewelry worn in dances like Bharat Natyam is another popular jewelry design worn by women in marriages and festivals, originating in Nagercoil. These traditional gold ornaments embedded with red and green semi-precious stones were originally gifts to the temple deities and hence known as temple jewelry. Traditional craftsmen fashion these sets comprising earrings, necklace, headpiece, and jewelry for the waist, ankles, fingers, nose, and hands.

The Indian Traditional Jewellery

Monday, May 14th, 2012

When it comes to marriages in India, jewellery is the chief attraction of the occasion. In fact, Indian traditional jewellery is something that makes Indian weddings unique and rich in their own manner. The exclusive works and designs offer a traditional look to all jewellery items. The traditional Indian gold jewellery is often passed on to families and generations.

Different types of Indian gold jewellery designs include bangles, necklaces, bracelets, armlets, fingerings, nose rings, earrings, toe rings, waistbands, pendants and anklets. The brilliance and finery of these jewellery items will leave you speechless and enchanted. Indian jewellery is not restricted to antique or traditional designs. You can even look for sophisticated and contemporary designs that use diamonds, emeralds, drop pearls, yellow sapphires, ruby and 18k white gold.

When it comes to Indian traditional jewellery, different cultures and regions have their unique works and designs. The east is well known for its beaded work and west is famous for its stoned and mirrored work. Again, the north is known for exclusive carved designs whereas the south is famous for temple based designs. While a lot of trends are mostly taken from Middle East regions, the designing of Indian traditional jewellery is completely unique.

Where to buy Indian traditional jewellery from
A lot of traditional Indian jewellery items are available at different jewellery outlets. However, buying one online makes sense. Online shopping not only allows you to save time, but also gives you an opportunity to select a design based on your needs. Moreover, you also get the convenience to look for different Indian gold jewellery designs from the comforts of your home.

Different design techniques include Kundan, Meena and Filigree works. Kundan work is made from precious stones that are joined by silver or gold. As this work is made by using false stones and oxidized metals, it is quite famous. In case of Meena work, metallic designs are filled with different colours. On the other hand, Filigree work includes minute designing. It is mostly performed on silver which is carved into thin wires. The filigree design is mostly made by moulding wires.

As there are a number of different online portals where you can purchase jewellery, it is important to look for a genuine and a reputed one. Whether you want to surprise your loved ones or looking for a perfect gift for any occasion, Indian traditional jewellery is the best option to go for. Before buying jewellery online, it will be wise to do a thorough research on the available options and make your purchase accordingly.

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